Art Quilts Lowell 2010

Sophisticated art and handmade tradition fuse seamlessly at The Brush, as art quilters from across the United States showcase their work. Art quilters are modern alchemists who transform functional domestic textiles into objects of exquisite depth and intensity.

Art Quilts Lowell 2010
Gould - The Waiting2

Wen Redmond – “Swamp Tree”
Art Quilts Lowell 2010
Brush Gallery
256 Market Street
Lowell, MA

IIDA NY Sustainable Quilting Bee

The Sustainable Design Forum hosted its First Annual Sustainable Quilting Bee in February 2008 to create quilts from discarded and discontinued fabric samples. In the tradition of quilting guilds the aim of this group is twofold: to find new homes for what would have been discarded and to offer an opportunity for community outside of our stressed and scheduled lives. The group of 20 participants met monthly to discuss, critique and assist each other with projects. The IIDA NY Chapter is pleased to have been able to auction 21 quilts since 2008. Proceeds from the Annual Quilt Auctions are donated to local charities.