New Quilt

Abstract Cotton Quilt 62" x 62"

Recently finished abstract quilt. I was experimenting with machine quilting.  The quilt is 50% hand quilting and 50% machine quilting. I’m happy with the color choices as well as the quilting.

The Ruggist

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ICFF 2010 – Thoughts and (Re)views
“The best thing about ICFF in 2010 was watching the paint dry.” – Michael A.C. Christie

Exaggeration aside, and acknowledging that it was not actually the best thing about ICFF, I feel that a non rug related mention needs to go to Valspar Paint for their booth concept I am calling “The Obelisk”. Not since the opening scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey have so many humanoids stood around staring in marvel at a large smooth rectangular object, in this case a wall. And while I am 100% certain this wall has no powers of stellar origin, it was able to captivate the crowds as a small cadre of “models who paint” repainted the wall every two (2) hours or so. Polite Applause.

Michael A.C. Christie