Filz Felt Sponsorship

COstruction Launch Party
May 15, 2011
7 – 10 PM
DDCLab, New York NY

FilzFelt is proud to be a collaborator in COstruction, a retail installation bringing together the talents of NookaSOFTlab and Tietz-Baccon in a special retail installation coinciding with this year’s ICFF. Click here to download the press release.

Excerpt from the press release:

Nooka, SOFTlab, and Tietz-Baccon, three of New York’s leading fashion and industrial design incubators, are joining together to create a unique installation at DDCLAB in New York’s fashionable Meatpacking District. The installation, entitled ‘COstruction’, fuses architecture with fashion, using unexpected forms and materials to underscore Nooka’s influence in the design world. Set amongst the futuristic fashion of DDCLab’s flagship store, the installation serves as a centerpiece and focal point for retailing Nooka products in the store. The purpose of the project is to create a work of art that also represents a practical form to merchandise Nooka products. Nooka produces physical manifestations of ideas. SOFTlab creates amazing spaces using cutting edge technology and thinking. Tietz-Baccon Fabrication heavily emphasizes technology, material, and craft. Together, these three entities COme together to create a unique retail environment that features Nooka creations in the fabulous DDCLab space. The Nooka X SOFTlab retail installation is comprised of plywood and felt, that was provided by States Industries, Columbia Forest Products, and FilzFelt. Once collected, Tietz-Baccon fabricated these materials in their local workshop in Long Island City, New York.

DDC Lab, also known as Design Development Concepts, fuses high-end fashion design with high-technology apparel. Located in the heart of New York City shopping, DDC Lab encounters foot traffic from taste-makers around the world. This unique installation will be revealed at an event on May 15th in accordance with ICFF held at their flagship location. This unique event allows guests an exclusive preview of the newly launched installation and an opportunity to experience the customized space before opening to the public the following day. Prominent designer brands featured at DDC LAB include Cyn Ni Edam, Featured, as well as their house brand, DDC Lab.


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