Sina Pearson Textiles


This month we are introducing two new collections that happily complement each other. The Town and Country Collection includes Furrows, a textured stripe, and City Lights, an allover geometric in shiny/matte yarns. Both patterns have a softened mid-tone palette. They work perfectly with theCalm and Cool Collection‘s three different weaves. Points of Light offers a crisp hand in ethereal light colors, while Shadow is a gutsy linen-like Trevira CS plain weave. Whisper quietly exudes quality with its wool chenille yarns creating enviable comfort. Looking for classic, comforting colors and textures? Head for the town and country for a cool and calm experience.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to see more of these beautiful textiles. 

Contact: Daniel Tillman

Solomon & Wu | Mouldings

Solomon & Wu

Solomon&Wu came together with the vision of bringing the best elements of contemporary design to a tradition of mouldings that has seen no development in 100 years.


Throughout history architectural style has dictated the atmosphere of public spaces, displaying a wealth of detail that contained meaning and context for the people of the day.


In the 21st century we have moved into an age of austerity dominated by a minimalist aesthetic, at Solomon&Wu our aim is to create mouldings that belong to the world we inhabit today.


By taking the traditional formats of mouldings and applying contemporary design Solomon&Wu create fresh and entirely new products.


We make elements you will recognise; skirting, cornice, wall panels, ceiling roses, corbels and architraves but never will it look like something that has come before.


Moulding techniques have changed dramatically with the advent of silicone moulds and CAD model making technology, it is very exciting to think of the new possibilities.

Contact: Daniel Tillman | C3Design for more information