Jones Falls Furniture Company

The Jones Falls Furniture Collection was created with the goal of putting people back to work while creating beautiful, timeless furniture pieces that are reduced to their most basic elements. By consistently using a combination of highest quality hardwood and aluminum, we seek to achieve the ultimate visual simplicity while ensuring structural stability.

All of our pieces are designed to be fabricated with minimum waste. Our materials are produced or harvested within a 500-mile radius of our production shops in Maryland and Michigan.

About Jones Falls

The Jones Falls is a river that runs through Baltimore, and has played an important role in the industrial history of that city. Today, it remains an important, somewhat hidden, natural feature that is at the origins of the city’s north-south transportation routes.

One of Baltimore’s earliest highways, the Jones Falls Expressway (JFX), also known as Interstate 83, was conceived in 1943 as a collaboration between Baltimore city officials and Robert Moses, New York’s master planner. The highway’s route was extremely disruptive to Baltimore’s “organic” settlements along the Falls, dividing communities and eroding industry, all for the facilitation of automotive transit. We hope to recover a small part of the jobs lost as well as the natural beauty and environmental health of the valley.

We hope to recover a part of the jobs lost as well as a part of the natural beauty and environmental health of the valley.

Bolton Table

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Solomon + Wu | Comtemporary Architectural Mouldings

Solomon & Wu offer a custom design service to create an exclusive range of mouldings for individual projects. Working from the designs of our clients or creating original mouldings from a design brief our experience has been that communication and flexibility are essential.


Our mould makers have 40 years of experience in fine art and decorative plaster moulding and have yet to meet a shape they cannot reproduce faithfully in virtually any material.

Lead time for custom work is 6 to 8 weeks from signing off on production models.


We love challenges and experimentation – no idea is impossible to turn in to reality.


We can also produce exterior moulding elements as a part of our custom service, all products are tailored to be compliant with building regulations of the territory in which they will be installed.


Please contact us with any questions regarding your project we will produce samples quickly for any project.


Contact: Daniel Tillman

Sina Pearson | Color Stories | February

Sina Pearson Textiles

February 2012

Always a Treat: Rich Cream

This month we feature our creamy neutral tones, all in elegant textures that evoke a sense of luxury. Whether it’s the softest hand of Gelato and Sandy Shores, the crisp weaves of Pearl, Destinations and RetroTweed, or the smooth and sleek Patina and Radiance, these fabrics are classic yet stylish enough to use today and everyday in the future. With the addition of Nanotex®, you can keep these palest tones clean and bright. Used together, or with any color, creamy neutrals add panache to any interior.

February Color Stories

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