Sina Pearson | Color Stories | March

This Spring, Discover our Greens…

If there is one color that gets us in the mood for spring, it’s green. Not only is it the color of St. Patrick’s Day, green offers one of the widest ranges of hues in the color wheel. It is also the primary color found in our precious natural environment. In this month’s Color Story, we feature dark mossy greens in our Woodland mohair, Polished Wool satin weave and Parrot chenille; greyed lichen tones in Both Sides Now; the fresh new leaf shades in GelatoEverywhere and Eureka; and a softened cactus-like green in Costa Brava. A soothing color, it works with neutrals such as grey, ivory and brown, as well as jewel tones of aquamarine and amethyst. Whether used as an accent or feature color, green is a welcome addition to any interior space. Enjoy spring, and green!

March 2012 Color Stories

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