Solomon + Wu | Caumont Series

The Caumont series shatters the flat planes used in the Hudson series with a nod to the Russian Supremacist art movement.
By limiting the shapes to intersecting flat surfaces which never meet on the same level a captivating effect is created.

The large scale of the Caumont rose gives the calming appearance of light reflecting off water, whilst the Vertical skirting has a more urban look – that of a city skyline.

Caumont Series Contemporary Mouldings

Sina Pearson Textiles | April Color Stories

Nothing Says Spring Like…

Yellow! Fresh, warm, yellow. The color of daffodils and sunshine. While this past winter was unseasonably warm in most parts of the country, spring still offers a thrill when it arrives. We love the mix of yellow and silver grey, brightened with white. If you like stripes, our Bounce is the most sustainable fabric you could find. Texture abounds in Hacienda and Milano while sleek tone-on- tone Calypso and Patina keep it smooth and subtle. And for real contrast, choose Whisper, our new soft wool blend chenille; Dunes, our favorite mohair velvet; and Radiance, one elegant polyurethane.


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