Stoller Works | Bar Table

Bar Table

Oak and stainless steel

In this wall table a vertical bar carries the weight of the tabletop and a wall connection provides lateral stability. Bolted oak boards form a curving block that stands on a central bar of stainless steel. The support bar passes through a gap in the oak lamination and bends into a recessed nook in the tabletop.

Width 18″ Length 34″ Height 41″

Tracy Glover Studio | Monopoint Pendent Lighting


Monopoint Pendant Lighting

Fully customizable handblown glass pendants illuminated with LED or halogen bulbs. Six patterns, three shapes, twenty colorways and fifteen translucent solid colors. Antique Bronze or Silver finish. Variable cord lengths. Intended for residential, hospitality, corporate or contract applications.


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Artist Tracy Glover uses classic Venetian glassblowing techniques to create these striking vases. Each piece is handblown to order, available in a range of shapes and colorways.
Like translucent color field paintings, the Ombré pattern features a solid color gradually merging into a second color. Two shapes: Dewdrop (9″H x 5″diameter) and Balloon (7″H x 6″ diameter). Four colorways: Plum/Berry, Olive/Celery, Turquoise/Light Blue and Aurora/Gold.
Providence Bud Vase
Apple-shaped bud vase (4.5″H x 4.5″ diameter) in a multi-hued lace pattern. Three colorways: Purple/Blue, Blue/Green, Pink/Orange.

Sina Pearson Textiles | Graded in Program

Sina Pearson Textiles is proud to announce the addition of David Edward to its graded in program.

We have teamed up with high quality furniture manufacturers to streamline ordering and delivery of Sina Pearson fabrics on their products. These companies will order Sina Pearson fabric on your behalf and immediately begin the production process. We encourage you to make use of this program which ensures accurate delivery for your projects.

Sina Pearson Textiles