Stoller Works | Beam Table

Furniture as Architecture

Stoller Works’ iconic I-beam is the signature of a design that redefines the trestle table. These tables have an innovative patented structure that increases their strength and stability over conventional trestle designs. Each leg is fabricated from a slice of structural steel I-beam secured with stainless steel tie rods. The trestle assembly becomes an elegant visually minimal framework on which the tabletop seems to float.

Stoller Works Beam Table


Beam Table

Black walnut, aluminum, steel and stainless steel

Expressing both lightness and strength, the legs of the trestle structure are made from short lengths of deep steel beams that are stabilized by stainless steel tie rods. The typical low invasive stretcher bar has been eliminated. The design of the aluminum support assembly allows maximum cantilever of the tabletop with minimum visible structure.

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Tretford Carpet

Tretford Carpet

striking carpet colour + unique construction = the perfect custom carpet

Tretford’s® design options begin with thousands of possible colour combinations, which are ideally complemented by Tretford’s® unique cord construction that allows our carpet to be cut in any direction without fraying. This means that Tretford® carpets can produce even the most complex and ornate floor designs without product failures of any kind.

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Jones Falls Furniture | Charles Bench

Charles Bench

Our Charles Bench is a perfect match for the Bolton Table. Like the table, we have created an ultimately simple, elegantly detailed structure that puts the beauty of American Black Walnut into relief. Charles is available in 18″ w x 66″ l x 18″ h or 12″ w x 60″ l x 18″ h, both with a 1.5″ thick seat. Other sizes of 6″ increments can be ordered, and we can custom design and fabricate any other sizes.

Charles Bench

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Sina Pearson Textiles | Color Stories | September

September 2012

Cool Down with Classic Darks

Had enough of summer heat? Consider these classic colors to create a cool environment. Today we add deep navy to last month’s Color Story olive, and brighten it with rich blue. Mix lower price point patterns with luxurious: Eureka and Cozumel provide budget friendly options, while Dunes, Lina and Polished Wool bring timeless elegance. Everywhere polyurethane offers a smooth surface while Kashmir brings it all together in a soft chenille texture. Rich, elegant, and always appropriate, these fabrics will create a most livable environment.

Sina Pearson Textiles | Color Stories | September 2012