Sina Pearson Textiles | Celebrate the Season, Indoors or Out


This year you can bring holiday color and pattern to your indoor and outdoor spaces with our All Spaces Collection. Anywhere is our new multicolor stripe, available in 9 vibrant colorways. Allover is its large graphic two-color cousin. Both fabrics are woven in the U.S.A. with Sunbrella® Contract yarns, ensuring absolute color permanence, even while cleaning with harsh chemicals such as bleach. They are designed specifically for all spaces: high performance indoor areas such as healthcare, hospitality, institutional and educational, and, of course, being Sunbrella, are perfect for outdoor areas. Anywhere and Allover are Greenguard certified, providing environmental benefits as well.

Anywhere and Allover complement the colors of Everywhere, our indoor/outdoor PVC-free polyurethane. An ideal application for these textiles is banquette seating, using either Anywhere or Allover on the back and Everywhere on the seat.

This year, treat yourself to the best qualities of Anywhere, Allover and Everywhere: Easy to clean and durable, colorful, sustainable and absolutely designed to be used anywhere, everywhere and allover!

Contact: Daniel Tillman |


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