Strange Image of the Day


I can’t remember where I found this, but without a doubt it’s the creepiest photo I’ve seen in awhile. Enjoy!


One thought on “Strange Image of the Day

  1. That clown is really strange.

    Thank you for coming to Evan’s event. He was most appreciative. Evenson Best has called him back in . I will talk with you more about that.

    I saw Tracy Friday. She brought me about 4 beautiful beads and told me to get them to you for your Champilaud meeting. I am in DC and NC SC this week.

    When is your meeting ? I have Ostrich pattern, Lace and a sconce in beautiful cameo beige/ pink. BEEE utiful.

    I was at the Gift show all weekend . Pooped. Going on road trip in am for one week.

    Let me know when your meeting is. I am available by cell. I think the meeting is in early Feb and I will be back.


    Mary Carey 3D Launch!

    Marketing Product Development Logistics

    22 Odell Avenue

    Greystone, New York 10701

    914 476-6513

    917 449-6336


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