IIDA Sustainable Quilting Bee

C3 Designs

C3 Designs

C3 Designs

C3 Designs

On February 13th the NY Chapter of the IIDA hosted its 5th Sustainable Quilting Bee.  The event was formed for several reasons, the first was an attempt to re-purpose the mountains of fabric that the architecture and design industry disposes of yearly. The second, reason was to give a creative outlet and venue for architects and designers to form community. The Bee is held once a month at Herman Miller where the design teams present their work, as it progresses, and work with each other to solve various construction issues. There are experienced quilters as well as those who have never lifted a needle. After 10 months of work the quilts were displayed at The Open House Gallery, and auctioned to benefit The Fiver Childrens Foundation www.fiver.org. It was a great event.

I am thrilled that my quilt “Comfortably Rust” went to Cindy Allen of Interior Design Magazine. I rust dyed scrap muslin, using gears and nails that were found objects. The design was random but I like the traditional feel that the whole piece ultimately has. I have wanted to hand quilt the past entries but upholstery fabrics are problematic. This year using scrap muslin allowed me to hand quilt it and I think that it added to the overall design.

For images and team descriptions of all of the quilts click on the link below.

Daniel Tillman | C3 Designs | www.c3design.me





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