Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman


Our workroom and design team brings over half a century of knowledge and design to the attention of the contract and hospitality design community. This business is so important that our owner, Steven Mittman, personally manages this business. In addition, we have a spectacular group of project managers, product engineers, and CAD designers on staff ready to work with your team.

Almost 90% of our hospitality work is customized or custom; the specialty of our workroom. Send us a drawing, a picture, or a sketch on a napkin and we’ll make it happen for you.

Finally, we are very extremely proud that our workroom is located in North Carolina. We are a focused LEAN Manufacturing facility, and as such, offer some of the fastest lead-times in the industry. We are an agile and efficient operation and can be your go-to American made resource for every project, and those last minute needs in particular.  That said, the world has changed in the last three years and so have your budgets.  So we also offer excellent flexibility and extraordinary quality from our facilities in Italy, China and Vietnam.  Later this year we will be launching a completely new hospitality brand to focus our efforts on all of your 4-star and 5-star furniture needs.

Send us your ideas…we will make them a reality…and deliver them ON TIME

Contact: Daniel Tillman | daniel.tillman@c3design.info


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