LMNOP Spring Volunteer Day: Sandy Recovery

LMNOP Spring Volunteer Day:
Sandy Recovery Project
We are pleased to announce that LMNOP will be hosting a Spring Volunteer Day on April 20th! For this event we are partnering with IIDA NY.  Similar to our January efforts, we will be assisting in a Sandy Recovery Project, this time working in the heavily damaged areas of Staten Island. This is an all day event, organized and operated by The New Hope Community Church on Staten Island and Calvary Baptist Church of Manhattan.  We can get there by public transportation or drive there.  Lunch will be provided but bring water, snacks, etc. and wear work clothes.
If you are interested in participating please respond to info@lmnopnyc.org. There will be a variety of work for everyone but please let us know if you have experience in any sort of construction work or can cook or provide general assistance.
Registration is required, and further information will follow.
Please join us in this effort!
LMNOP Leadership                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     JenniferGraham                                                                                                                  
Hector Fernandez
Michelle Hill
Kristen Mucci
Sarah Todd

Jack Weisberg


One thought on “LMNOP Spring Volunteer Day: Sandy Recovery

  1. Daniel can we speak tomorrow? Your email didn’t work this am. Maybe its me. Thanks Mary

    Mary Carey 3D Launch!

    Marketing Product Development Logistics

    22 Odell Avenue

    Greystone, New York 10701

    914 476-6513

    917 449-6336


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