Tracy Glover Studio | Fizzy Drinks!

Fizzy Drinks

Glassblower Tracy Glover premieres a line of playful glassware ideal for summer entertaining. Titled Fizzy Drinks, the handblown tumbler and double old fashioned styles exploit the traditional Italian Primavera technique, and build the bubbles right in.

The tall tumbler (6.25″H x 2 7/8″ diameter) and double old fashioned glass (4″H x 3.25″ diameter) are each offered in six translucent colors, darker at the base and organically lightening toward the lip. The surface is animated with bubbles, a reference to carbonation as well as to the aquatic inspiration for the design (see next paragraph). Colorways: Berry, Light Blue, Celery, Emerald, Sargasso, Turquoise, Steel Blue. Suggested retail price: $53 each.

The artist is an avid oarsman, rowing daily at dawn. Occasionally she takes her skiff to the edge of Pawtucket Falls to watch the lively foam and froth generated by the waterfall. At winter time, the water freezes, and she can break off slivers of bubbly ice, which spurred her to interpret the effect as a drinking glass.

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