Stoller Works on Fab

Stollerworks Rail Table

Stoller Works

Modern, Eco-Conscious Furniture

Thanks to family friends like the Eameses, George Nakashima, and Alexander Calder, Evan Stoller grew up surrounded by modern design. Now he runs Stoller Works and makes pieces of his own. His tables, podiums, and organizers mix the natural beauty of wood with aluminum and steel, creating a warm yet industrial feel.

Featured this week on Fab:

One thought on “Stoller Works on Fab

  1. Daniel

    I have called all the Contract leads ( on your behalf). Are you following up with them and taking them to the site? Should you send them the wordpress to go to FAB? They would get a discount from Evan of 15-20% and he would still pay your commission. Mary

    Mary Carey 3D Launch!

    Marketing Product Development Logistics

    22 Odell Avenue

    Greystone, New York 10701

    914 476-6513

    917 449-6336


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