Michele Carragher: Game of Thrones Embroidery

Wow, beautiful work.


People everywhere seem to be obsessed with Game of Thrones. When I watched, I had a vague impression that the costumes were well done, but looking closely there are whole worlds embroidered into the fabric these characters wear! It is the work of Michele Carragher.


The textures, fabrics, materials and techniques she uses are incredible. Look at the depth of this stitch work! Fit for royalty, indeed.




Do you guys watch Game of Thrones? What are your thoughts on the show?

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Design of the Day | Stoller Works

Station Desks at Snøhetta’s Hunt Library
image description
Station Table 60, For Academic and Institutional Use
image description
image description
Rail Table
image description
Stoller Station Tables were purchased by NCSU at Raleigh for use in the new Hunt Library, an a award winning building designed by Snøhetta.

The 24″ x 60″ clear oak tabletop stands on ‘slices’ of a bridge beam. A red shelf of 1/2″ formed aluminum braces the trestle assembly.

image description
(US PATENT 11/503,724)
image description
image description
Station Table 48, A Solo Standing Desk or Group Table
image description
image description
A Stoller Photograph from 1949
image description
Our patented trestle beam legs are stabilized with stainless steel tie rods.
Casters raise the tabletop to an optimal height of 41″.


For More Information Contact:

Daniel Tillman | daniel.tillman@c3design.info



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I recently discovered Issuu.com an interesting way to locate documents and magazines that you can read  online or download. I’m  a design rep, that is finding it increasingly difficult, in this economy, to speak to designers let alone see them in person. This can be an invaluable tool, not only can I post my electronic documents for designers to download, but I can locate all sorts of documents on a variety of topics.


This is my find for the day.

Design of the Day | Luxury in Motion

Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman has unveiled several new collections in the past month. A new collection of headboards for the hospitality and residential market. They’ve also designed a series of multi-purpose ottomans with seating storage and everything you need for a tight space or if you entertain and seating is an issue. They also trolled through their vast custom projects and realized that recliners were not really a whispered request but something that is needed in the market place. So to answer all of those quiet needs they have designed a series of  “motion seating”. Below is an image of  one of the luxury recliners. Images of the ottomans and headboards will follow.

Luxury in Motion

Contact for information on this and the other new designs: Daniel Tillman daniel.tillman@c3design.info

Design of the Day




Furniture as Architecture

Stoller Works produces innovative, modernist furniture combining eco-consciousness with stylish practicality. We have re-imagined the use of standard industrial components and created a series of elegant tables of great strength and stability. Each leg In our patented trestle structure is machined from a slice of deep steel I-beam and secured with stainless steel tie rods. The trestle becomes a visually minimal framework on which the tabletop seems to float. Our designs demonstrate a clarity of structure and an efficiency of materials and fabrication.



For more information contact: Daniel Tillman | daniel.tillman@c3design.info

Design of the Day (or designer)



rruka is a textiles, surface, and product design brand specializing in handcrafting fabrics using rare materials for luxury interior decoration products. rruka designs and manufactures products that fulfill the visions of interior designers.

Handcrafted in the USA

All rruka designs are produced in the United States. Each line is crafted by hand with traditional methods of production using natural and rarely available materials. rruka reinvents traditional designs, generating subtle, textural and transcendent products.


Hand Woven Fabrics

This is a two line design of Luxe fabric and Drawn textiles. The lines are for clients that seek custom textiles for the craftsmanship, complexity and imperfection of hand – woven fabric. Each fabric comes alive with the force of materials and weave structure, creating its own rhythm with depth, texture, colors and dimension of yarns to give new form to traditional woven structure.

Luxe Fabrics

The Luxe line is exclusively available to interior and furniture designers on special order. These textiles make use of the best and rare yarns like silky ramie, bamboo, silks, mohair, wool stainless steel, cotton and linen, to create subtle, sophisticated and memorable textiles as upholstery fabrics or curtains. Please request the Luxe fabrics sample book to see more. All designs can be custom colored.


Drawn Textiles

The Drawn Textiles line is exclusively hand – woven to order for selected stores, individuals and decorators. This line is woven with washable fiber including silk – linen – paper and linen – paper yarn for use in application as wall hangings. The Drawn Textiles line uses letters, words and lines to generate simple, clean graphics (work in process). Please contact rruka for purchase.

City Lights

The lighting line are sculptures derived from my drawn textile line patterns in conjunction with traditional Japanese lighting. They are translated into calculated shapes through the use of rice paper, wood and organic finishes. The lamps serve as sculptural statements by day and evoke city lights by night. Please contact rruka for purchase.


.The object line are decorative items inspired by drawn textile line patterns, using common objects but elevated into iconic references in a graphically playful way. The featured products make use of raw materials such as cotton, wool, linen paper, metallic coated yarn, rice paper, glass and wood. The finished woven items are then framed in solid wood. The little objects are solid wood with an all-natural finish which create a synergy between the materials Please contact rruka for purchase..

Textile Designer

Rukayat Mustapha – Widmer studied textile/surface design at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Her woven and hand-painted designs were selected for display at The Museum of FIT. After working for Brooklyn – based textile designers, she created her own label in 2011. Rukayat Mustapha – Widmer resides and works in Brooklyn, New York.