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Station Desks at Snøhetta’s Hunt Library
image description
Station Table 60, For Academic and Institutional Use
image description
image description
Rail Table
image description
Stoller Station Tables were purchased by NCSU at Raleigh for use in the new Hunt Library, an a award winning building designed by Snøhetta.

The 24″ x 60″ clear oak tabletop stands on ‘slices’ of a bridge beam. A red shelf of 1/2″ formed aluminum braces the trestle assembly.

image description
(US PATENT 11/503,724)
image description
image description
Station Table 48, A Solo Standing Desk or Group Table
image description
image description
A Stoller Photograph from 1949
image description
Our patented trestle beam legs are stabilized with stainless steel tie rods.
Casters raise the tabletop to an optimal height of 41″.


For More Information Contact:

Daniel Tillman |


One thought on “Design of the Day | Stoller Works

  1. Daniel,

    I wilted for you last night. Luna textiles SF (with some backings for health care) & the luxe office furn mfg from Minnesota were the only significant things for me.

    Since we met at Grand Central this is the first I have heard from Evan. He told me you wrote about commission for Snhettas spec.

    I told him to call you and establish a trust relationship. I told him you could shoot him a quick email whenever you present so no further confusion occurs. I noted to him if he had phoned you, he would not have sold the desks at 40 off list to an end user.

    Evan has an architectural commission and just shipped the desks. We are currently on a 6 month hiatus. I am not billing him until fall so you are it! Keep in touch with him until I ck in with him after Labor Day. I am defining my consulting business and setting up a website. Ugh.

    Stay cool. If you have a swimming pool, we are coming over.


    Mary Carey 3D Launch!

    Marketing Product Development Logistics

    22 Odell Avenue

    Greystone, New York 10701

    914 476-6513

    917 449-6336


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