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What’s Hot and Cool and Red Allover?

Our August Color Story, of course! Take a look at our hottest reds and coolest slivers, complemented by the perfect ivory white. We offer all these colors in our range of bleach cleanable polyurethanes: Find the best reds in Everywhere‘s indoor/outdoor smooth surface or the sparkly Luminaire. Silvery greys are available in textured Groove, our newest polyurethane, or our pearly Radiance. And Eureka‘s leather-like texture is available in a perfect ivory. What pulls them altogether? Layers, our newest multi-color fabric: bleach cleanable, made in the U.S.A., available in red, silver and ivory. These sustainable fabrics offer the best high performance qualities, making them ideal for banquette seating, lounge and lobby areas and any public space. Put any polyurethane on the seat, and the Layers on the back, and you have the best of all worlds! This month, be cool with these hot fabrics.

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City Quilter | Fall Show

The Fall begins at The ArtQuilt Gallery·NYC with works by Kate Stiassni. Her show, Spaces in Between: Contemporary Textiles, will be presented from September 10 through October 19.

Kate’s unique vision produces spectacular results. Fabric is her paint, and her mastery of the medium with the use of hand dyed fabric gives her work a richness and depth of color that makes her strong and distinctive graphic compositions sing.

Kate Stiassni

Kate Stiassni 1

Kate Stiassni 2
Hope you will have a chance to see these 15 striking pieces. There will be a an opening on Monday, September 9, from 6 to 7:30pm, and a gallery talk on Thursday, October 3, starting at 6.

Smilow Furniture | Design of the Day

Rail Back Sofa



enduring style and quality. Made in America since 1949, Smilow furniture
embraces clean lines, great proportions, fine details and functional quality
designed to last a lifetime.
modern designs, mid-century heritage. Faithfully based on Mel Smilow’s
original drawings, our furniture represents the best of mid-century modern
design, interpreted for today. It is classic and contemporary.
classic craftsmanship. We use solid American hardwoods, precision
cut and shaped, then carefully fit together by skilled craftsmen. Each piece
is sanded by hand and finished to perfection. Furniture is available on a
custom basis or in quantity, and can be shipped to any location.

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IIDA NY Sustainable Quilting Bee


That’s right, it’s time to begin your quilts for the IIDA Sustainable Quilting Bee. The kick-off meeting will be August 21 @ Herman Miller, from 6pm-9pm. Feel free to attend, all you need to do is email me or Abigail French to let us know for security downstairs. It’s a great event and a wonderful opportunity to network with your peers.

I know you’re already creative, but try it in a different medium.

Sina Pearson | Design Trip to Japan

You could spend days in the museum, but we headed for the kimono section.  These kimonos were the best of the best, with intricate dyeing and embroidery techniques reserved for the aristocracy or royal family.  I wish the lighting were more sympathetic to photography, but as with all museums, textiles are kept in darkened conditions to preserve the fibers and colors.  But the items were spectacular.  We also loved the samuri uniforms.  These were the outfits for the soldiers protecting the feudal lords.  Quite stunning!
And finally, we see a small group of Ainu robes.  The Ainu people are an ancient indigenous people that live in the far north of Japan.  They have their own language, religion and culture, and their clothing’s simple weaves and distinctive patterns is a stark contrast to the golden finery of the aristocratic kimonos.
Samurai Uniform
Ainu Clothing