Sina Pearson | Design Trip to Japan

You could spend days in the museum, but we headed for the kimono section.  These kimonos were the best of the best, with intricate dyeing and embroidery techniques reserved for the aristocracy or royal family.  I wish the lighting were more sympathetic to photography, but as with all museums, textiles are kept in darkened conditions to preserve the fibers and colors.  But the items were spectacular.  We also loved the samuri uniforms.  These were the outfits for the soldiers protecting the feudal lords.  Quite stunning!
And finally, we see a small group of Ainu robes.  The Ainu people are an ancient indigenous people that live in the far north of Japan.  They have their own language, religion and culture, and their clothing’s simple weaves and distinctive patterns is a stark contrast to the golden finery of the aristocratic kimonos.
Samurai Uniform
Ainu Clothing

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