Sina Pearson Color Stories


Sina Pearson Textiles

What’s Hot and Cool and Red Allover?

Our August Color Story, of course! Take a look at our hottest reds and coolest slivers, complemented by the perfect ivory white. We offer all these colors in our range of bleach cleanable polyurethanes: Find the best reds in Everywhere‘s indoor/outdoor smooth surface or the sparkly Luminaire. Silvery greys are available in textured Groove, our newest polyurethane, or our pearly Radiance. And Eureka‘s leather-like texture is available in a perfect ivory. What pulls them altogether? Layers, our newest multi-color fabric: bleach cleanable, made in the U.S.A., available in red, silver and ivory. These sustainable fabrics offer the best high performance qualities, making them ideal for banquette seating, lounge and lobby areas and any public space. Put any polyurethane on the seat, and the Layers on the back, and you have the best of all worlds! This month, be cool with these hot fabrics.

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