Sina Pearson Textiles | Stripes + Flowers

Stripes + Flowers Collection










Stripes + Flowers Collection

The Stripes and Flowers collection was inspired by the popular combination of two iconic patterns. Our stripes include Ribbons, woven with sleek, ribbon-like stripes that would complement any upholstered piece and Serendipity has narrow satin weave multicolor stripes. The floral pattern Happiness brings happiness to any interior with its riot of blossoms. Breeze is a breezy tone-on-tone solid that pulls the collection together. All 34 colorways are well suited for any interior that requires high performance qualities: extra durable (exceeding 100,000 double rubs), bleach cleanable, available with GreenShield™ stain repellent finish, sustainable and made in the U.S.A. Now color and pattern meet high performance for the most demanding interiors.

For more information of samples please contact: Daniel Tillman |


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