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From Yellow Goat Design and designed by Conrad Johnsson, Fantail is reminiscent of two male Birds of Paradise showing off in the rain forest of Papua New Guinea. – See more at:


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Sina Pearson Textiles | Markets of Istanbul

Come With Us to the Markets of Istanbul!

Our newest collection features four patterns inspired by the exotic markets of Istanbul. The city’s Grand Bazaar features a profusion of shops crammed floor to ceiling with handmade goods including jewelry, enamelware and more than anything, textiles and rugs. Nearby, the Spice Market displays trays piled high with Turkish Delight and other sugary treats. Our four new patterns include Grand Bazaar with a larger scale medallion pattern, Kilim and Magic Carpet, two geometric patterns inspired by the best of the market’s carpets, and Turkish Delight, a smooth surface polyurethane in brilliant colors not unlike the sugary treats found in the Spice Market. All four textiles are durable and harsh chemical safe so are especially suitable for designed for interiors that demand high performance features.

Sina Pearson_markets_of_istanbul

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Yellow Goat Design | Shaggy Dog

This is one of my favorite screens from Yellow Goat Design. Wouldn’t it look great on your next project?

Thousands of frosted polycarbonate rods all caught in the middle of a 10mm (3/8″) thick clear acrylic panel. Run your hand along this shag for a warm fuzzy feeling. Design Richard Neville.

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Sina Pearson Textiles | Color Stories

This Year, May your Holidays be Bright!

Celebrate the season with the brightest colors in a mix of patterns that contrast and complement one another. We’ve chosen a variety of durable fabrics from our Markets of Istanbul collection to bring seasonal cheer. Turkish Delight is a smooth surface polyurethane in festive colorways named for the delicious candy found throughout Istanbul. Made in the U.S.A., Grand Bazaar has a large medallion motif inspired by the jewelry found in the shops in Istanbul’s largest market, and Kilim and Magic Carpet are reminiscent of the geometric patterns found in the world famous Turkish rugs. Designed for high performance interiors, the collection’s colors will remain bright as all four patterns are bleach cleanable and harsh chemical safe.

Read more about our trip to Istanbul and all that we saw in our Istanbul Journal.

Enjoy the holidays!


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