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TRACY GLOVER Objects and Lighting

Tracy Glover 050715
TG 1

TG 2
Top: Flower Pendant in Hydrangea, Brushed Nickel hardware, medium-based incandescent bulb. Bottom: Floor Lamp in Rose, Brushed Copper and Blackened steel hardware, medium-based LED bulb.
With her new handblown Flower Lights, lighting designer/glass blower Tracy Glover layers pristine, colored glass in a unique, eye-catching way. The artful Flower Lights showcase glass’s ability to transmit, hold and reflect light, while the layers of transparent color create new colors as they overlap. Flower Lights are offered as a single pendant or floor lamp, customizable in a myriad of color combinations so each piece is truly unique.

INFO: or call 401.724-1100

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