C3 Design | Westin Pittsburgh

Below is a recent installation of embroidery for a public space in the Westin Pittsburgh. Many thanks to Krause & Sawyer for selecting C3 Design to produce their idea. I love the way this turned out.



For more information or to have C3 Design interpret your ideas contact: Daniel Tillman | daniel.tillman@c3design.info


One thought on “C3 Design | Westin Pittsburgh

  1. Daniel

    Burning the midnight oil to get to all the invites and news.

    Hope to see you either this weekend in Brklyn or during the week at ICFF.

    Wonderful you are producing .

    I am SOOOOO proud of you.

    Nice nice work. Mary

    My client RBW is opening NYC showroom..( wow 9 years went quickly,) Responde’ is green furniture at ICFF, Atocha is my favorite new client for LP storage cabinets,

    Judy Smilow is soaring at Suite and Mint shop in London and will be showing with OR wallpaper company and lighting… the names escape me.

    Hope to plan a drink with you at ICFF …. Wanna make a date?

    Sad news: confidential Susan is moving to assisted living in Sarasota in August HIGHLY confidential…. She is not doing so well but the constitution of an OX.. I am brainstorming a gig maybe at the Morgan Library restaurant this summer… maybe you could run idea by Sina too … would Sina host in her loft and we could invite all former clients?

    Lots of cool folks plus craft museum… just have to get on the idea for Late June or July.

    Mary Carey

    3D Launch

    Product Development & Marketing Logistics

    917 449-6336

    Seek opportunity


    Identify the moment

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