Naomi Paul | Simple Shade Wool Pendent Collection


Heres a quick pic of Naomi’s new Simple Shade Wool Pendant Collection showcasing at The Campaign for Wool & Heals Tottenham Court Road.

The shades are all Ø80cm and are made from a mix of Shetland and Aran British wool. Hand crocheted in Tower Hamlets East London by master crafters, making each piece completed one off and unique.

As the wool is being discontinued by the mill these are limited edition pieces, we may make more but not from exactly the same Shetland and Aran yarns shown here.

The shades come complete with a length of copper plated tube which runs from the pendant up to the ceiling. The frames are also copper and peep throughout the crocheted wool adding subtle contrast to the soft surface of the wool.

‘As I never tire of pointing out, wool is not only one of the oldest fibres known to mankind, it is also one of the most beneficial, and it fills me with dismay when we overlook it’

HRH Prince Charles

For more information regarding how these could be used in a commercial, hospitality or residential setting contact: Daniel Tillman |


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