Sina Pearson Textiles | Color Stories

In the Land of the Midnight Sun We continue our exploration of Scandinavian colors with a range of golds and grey. What better combination is there to remind us of Nordic countries’ glorious Midnight Sun? Along the arctic latitudes in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, summer days are almost 24 hours long. Around midnight, the sun rests on the dark horizon, providing a soft glow, but within a few hours, it is bright daylight again.
This month’s Color Story includes Folklore, a modern interpretation of traditional Scandinavian embroidery, enlarged to a modern scale, and its textured complement, Cozy. For contrast, look to Duo’s crisp two-tone weave or the smooth surface of Radiance polyurethane. And there’s nothing like In Repeat’s big bold two-tone geometric to bring modern Scandinavian design to mind. The golden colors of this month’s Color Story are also traditionally used in wood houses in all these countries, perhaps to bring warmth to the cold dark winters when the sun only appears for a few short hours each day. Scandinavian colors…they always feel right.

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