Sina Pearson Textiles: Interior Design Best of Year Voting


Please help us get out the vote for the 2015 Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Award. Your help placing votes made Sina Pearson Textiles a winner 5 times over!

We have entered three categories this year:

Jubilee Collection in textiles/healthcare category:


Nordic Collection in textiles/contract category:


and Colores de Mexico in Best of Ten, textiles/contract category:

Voting opens Tuesday, October 6th and extends through Friday, October 16.

Thank you so much for spreading the word!

One thought on “Sina Pearson Textiles: Interior Design Best of Year Voting

  1. Hey there … How ya doin’

    I want to talk with you about a felt floor material. I saw a postcard recently of an Escher-like pattern and wondering what your own business is doing in terms of floors?

    We need to catch up . I moved Susan H to Sarasota to assisted living and she is happy as a clam in high tide. She was deteriorating but they have her nervous system detected and she will have 24 hr service. She would appreciate confidentiality but I thought you may want to send a note.

    Don’t mention in the email … she will respond when she is ready…. She is working very successfully without revealing her location for this time.

    Need to plan a time to talk next week ok?

    Hope you are crazy busy. Fall is so wonderful when I ride the train.. I think of you xxo Mary

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