Design of the Day: Matthew Wailes London

Design of the Day: beautiful bespoke hand-knotted rugs. For more information contact

With over 25 years experience servicing the interior design and decorator market; Matthew Wailes specialises in the design, production and installation of the finest hand and machine made carpets and rugs for both residential & commercial applications.

All of our Handmade products are woven exclusively to our requirements by specialised craftspeople in Nepal and China, using only traditional production techniques and the very best quality of raw materials.

In addition to our hand and Machine Made carpets we have a luxurious collection of exclusive Hand Loomed Cashmere Throws/Bedspreads. These are also manufactured exclusively to our own design and colour specifications by the leading Cashmere Weaving House in Kathmandu.

We strongly believe that there are no shortcuts in providing the best possible quality of product and service to our customers; We work only with the leading manufacturers and tradespeople within our specialised industry to help in the creation and installation of our collections.


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