Philomela Textiles: Cobra Head

Introducing the newest collection from Philomela Textiles. Cobra Head is based on the Avant Garde art movement CoBrA of the late 40’s. It is an un-fettered view of the art making process as a pre-cursor to today’s Outsider art. For more information, on the movement, as well as an overview.

The CoBrA group was a short-lived but highly influential artist collective formed in Paris. Named for the three northern European cities that its founders originated from – Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam – its approximately thirty members became known for their vigorously spontaneous, rebellious style of painting that was heavily inspired by the art of children and the mentally ill. With their intuitive methods, loose, gestural marks and strong colors, CoBrA artists have used of some of the techniques of New York School style of the same era. Yet CoBrA art is more political, and is more sensitive to the huge devastation of the European cities and people after World War II. Their democratic approach to viewing and making was inspired and further expanded what we now call Outsider Art (work made by untrained artists, especially children and the mentally ill) as a serious movement in its own right.

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