Modern Metal Designs

Design Experience

A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Annie Kantor earned her B.F.A. in Textile Design in 1994. Her professional experience in the contract textile industry includes designing woven upholstery and panel fabrics, most recently as Head of Custom Studio at Maharam. Currently based in Oakland, California, she brings her textile-design expertise to the realm of metal via AJK Design Studio Inc.

Inspiration to Innovate

Frustrated by the lack of enticing designs in metal while seeking elements for a personal architectural project, Annie discovered an opportunity to apply her expertise in repeating-pattern design to develop a line of interior custom metal work. From that impetus originated a series of custom heat registers and vents, inspired by and created with tools linked to the textile industry.
Today she brings her signature designs and custom creations to architects and interior designers who want every detail to matter.

From Eureka Moment to Creation

The process begins with inspiration from her surroundings and a general awareness of patterns in her environment. Whether inspired by a shadow on a tennis court or based on the design of a striking tiled floor in Istanbul, each design starts with a hand-drawn sketch or painting. This important step ensures a bit of her own hand in the finished product. The artwork is scanned into a CAD program specifically configured for textile designers, which is ideal for creating patterns in repeat. The final product, manufactured in the US, utilizes either precision laser or water-jet technology as a means of cutting her patterns out of metal.

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