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Sinje Ollen | Berry Chair cover

don’t miss the extraordinary knit pieces by Sinje Ollen.

Sinje Ollen, a New York based hand-knit fashion designer debuts her line of hand-painted, hand-knitted “Clothing for Furniture” at WantedDesign in May 2013. Architects and designers of the 40’s 50’s and 60’s produced beautiful, simply shaped furniture: Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair, Le Corbusier chaise, Saarinen Tulip chairs, the Risom Lounge chair… Many people are inheriting or buying these vintage pieces now, but some of the fabric has faded, the cowhides have worn out; the furniture is still beautiful, but the traces of time have made them look a little…“naked”. It’s time to dress them and give them new life. The idea was born when a friend approached Sinje about a chair, the Swan Design by Arne Jacobsen. Her child had drawn on it, and it had lost some color due to age. “What should I do?” she asked. Sinje suggested to knit a “coat” for the chair. It should be something that would not distract from the shape, but rather enhance it, and perhaps turn it into something new. After a consultation, they settled on a three-dimensional berry stitch. But what color? The color palette in the room was not cohesive. There were oranges, blues, reds, yellows… Sinje took photos of prominently featured colors and sent them to a team of fiber artists who created a custom yarn that fit the environment. The result was a yarn referencing every major color in the room. Sinje measured the chair and created a gigantic pattern. Through felting, it shrunk exactly to size… Felting makes the yarn more durable and less prone to stretching. It also allows easy cleaning. The “newly dressed” chair now wears a coat that can be washed in the washing machine. The coat has transformed the chair (and the room).

Sinje Ollen | Interior Design Magazine Awards

Please help us get out the vote for Sinje Ollen in the 2012 Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Award.  Sinje has entered her hand knitted, felted Berry Chair cover in the textiles/residential category.

Please vote for Sinje!  Voting closes Tuesday October 9 at 11:59PM.

Sinje Ollen | Berry Chair cover