Solomon + Wu | Caumont Series

The Caumont series shatters the flat planes used in the Hudson series with a nod to the Russian Supremacist art movement.
By limiting the shapes to intersecting flat surfaces which never meet on the same level a captivating effect is created.

The large scale of the Caumont rose gives the calming appearance of light reflecting off water, whilst the Vertical skirting has a more urban look – that of a city skyline.

Caumont Series Contemporary Mouldings

Solomon & Wu | Mouldings

Solomon & Wu

Solomon&Wu came together with the vision of bringing the best elements of contemporary design to a tradition of mouldings that has seen no development in 100 years.


Throughout history architectural style has dictated the atmosphere of public spaces, displaying a wealth of detail that contained meaning and context for the people of the day.


In the 21st century we have moved into an age of austerity dominated by a minimalist aesthetic, at Solomon&Wu our aim is to create mouldings that belong to the world we inhabit today.


By taking the traditional formats of mouldings and applying contemporary design Solomon&Wu create fresh and entirely new products.


We make elements you will recognise; skirting, cornice, wall panels, ceiling roses, corbels and architraves but never will it look like something that has come before.


Moulding techniques have changed dramatically with the advent of silicone moulds and CAD model making technology, it is very exciting to think of the new possibilities.

Contact: Daniel Tillman | C3Design for more information