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Silkbird Jacquard, the lampas of oriental inspiration with its tribute to Coromandel screens, and Dalie Papaveri Tulipani, an amazing floral motif of floating threads and fil coupé, have won two prestigious awards, making them the special protagonists of the 2016 Collection.


The British magazine The World Of Interiors has assigned the Collection of the Year Award to Silkbird Jacquard during the Focus 2016 event in London.


The readers of Elle Decoration Russia have elected Dalie Papaveri Tulipani as the Best Fabric of 2016.
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LMNOP Workshop

Working With A Furniture Dealer

LMNOP is pleased to host a panel discussion on Working with a Furniture Dealer. These and many other points will be discussed from the viewpoint of the dealer, the manufacturer and the design professional:

the advantages of working with a dealer

the role of the furniture dealership in the design process

the relationship between manufacturer and dealership

what point in the design process should the designer engage with the furniture dealer

ALLSTEEL with dealer partner HENRICKSEN is pairing to host and bring their expertise to the evening’s discussion along with industry professionals for a 360° view.

Moderated by Alan Grandis, General Manger, Henricksen-NY, our panelists will be made up of design, dealer, and manufacturing professionals.


Dave Bryant, Sales Manager, Henricksen

Larry Cohen, Regional Architect & Design Manager, Allsteel

Charlotte Stanske, Interior Project Manager, Perkins & Will

Rebecca Doris Steiger, Associate Partner, ZGF Architects LLP

We look forward to your attendance and participation. Join us at 6:00 PM for registration and networking. The panel discussion will commence at 6:30 PM.

Thank you to our event sponsors Allsteel and Henricksen for their generous support of LMNOP.

IDCEC accreditation pending, .2 learning units

When: 10/25/16 – 6pm-8:30pm

Where: Allsteel Showroom, 79 Madison Avenue

New York Textile Month

Designtex to Participate in the First Annual New York Textile Month

Designtex, the leading company in the development, design and manufacturing of applied materials for the built environment, is proud to announce participation in the inaugural New York Textile Month this upcoming September 2016. On Friday, September 23, Designtex will form a human loom to weave a large-scale fabric on site with the help of textile enthusiasts. Designtex will orchestrate the assembly of a human-scale textile by organizing participants to physically operate the warp and weft in a manual loom. WEave: inviting warp and weft is an interactive and educational exploration that engages the public realm and encourages community cooperation.
During WEave participants will physically enact the weaving process, as some individuals raise and lower warp ends, while others walk the weft into the structure, one by one. Weaving will continue until the weft supply is exhausted and a truly broad loom creation has evolved. The weft will be comprised of salvaged material from Wallace Sewell, a boutique textile studio based in London, known for their striking, colorful designs created with various materials including silk, chenille and lambswool.
Developed by trend forecaster Li Edelkoort, New York Textile Month will be a citywide, multi-institution effort to celebrate fibers as the starting point for fashion and interior design. The programs will both investigate the material processes and components of textile design, as well as honor the industry as a whole.
Susan Lyons, President of Designtex, welcomed the opportunity to organize an event: “We are honored and delighted to participate in New York Textile Month. Li Edelkoort’s work has not only inspired but also led the textile industry, and her recent efforts, which encourage knowledge sharing, embody the values that Designtex strives to uphold. This event is emblematic of the collaborative spirit within the textile industry, and the collective enthusiasm surrounding Li Edelkoort’s vision is both encouraging and inspiring.”
WEave: Inviting Warp and Weft aims to engage the public with textile design and offers a superb portrait of what Designtex represents and values as a company. The event seeks not only to raise textile awareness, but also to promote knowledge sharing across the textile industry, foster education in the study of textiles, highlight the importance of sustainable practices and inspire local community engagement.
Join Designtex on Friday, September 23, 2016 at Garibaldi Plaza in Washington Square Park to participate in WEave and celebrate New York Textile Month. Weaving begins at 12:00 pm and the weft will walk until 3:00 pm. To learn more about visit

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